Certification of Authorized Economic Operator

As part of continuous improvement and updating of its procedures, Alisped has obtained recognition as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by the Internal Customs Agency, obtaining the concerning certification.


This important certification qualifies our company as a reliable subject to the customs authorities, both in terms of compliance and in terms of the safety of goods in logistic management.


The certification obtained is in fact "full"-type (AEO - F), including precisely both the safety part (AEO – S) and that relating to customs compliance (AEO-C).


The company has chosen to attain this type of certification to guarantee excellent standards in the management of the logistics and therefore further safeguarding the customers shipments.


The achievement of this certification involves the following practical advantages for us and for our customers:


  • Better relationship with the customs authority enabling quicker processing;

  • Better image as a safe and reliable logistics operator;

  • Mutual recognition of AEO certification with similar programs in other foreign countries, including the Japanese one (active) and the U.S. C-TPAT (being finalized), resulting in more streamlined customs clearance times to and from these countries.



Download certificate in PDF


Link to the site of the Internal Customs Agency